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teams2stand: The value of loyalty
Sunday, August 27th 9:35PM by Gavin

In 1993, Al Pacino won the Academy Award - Best Actor for his performance in the movie "Scent of a Woman". One of the most memorable parts of this movie is when Al Pacino delivers a speec...

teams2grow: Creating long-lasting value as we adapt daily
Monday, August 21st 2:22AM by Gavin

The reason for our topic this week is because of a specific case study which emerged from our own team environment last week.
Last week I instructed our TRUSTMaster IT team to...

teams2lead: Leadership as a team task
Sunday, August 6th 10:52PM by Gavin

I read an interesting article on team leadership development last week. It focuses on the traits of winning sports teams and how it is also applicable in a corporate setting.

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